Thursday, April 19, 2018

L.A. Yarn Crawl - Day One

Owner, Kat Coyle at The Little Knittery, Los Feliz

We only hit four stores today, but they were all EXCELLENT little yarn shops! Diane and Brenda came over to my house at 10 and we were at the new and improved Little Knittery in Los Feliz Village by 10:30. We were the very first yarn crawl customers of 2018! Owner, Kat Coyle posted our photo on Instagram!
Ellen, Brenda, Kat and Diane at The Little Knittery
Yes, we made a few purchases. Kat has stocked some really fab accessories, along with a wonderful selection of yarn.
We made our way out to Pasadena where we met up with MaryJo at Wollhaus. This is a lovely little shop in a courtyard building on Colorado Boulevard in the heart of Pasadena.
Brenda, Diane, MaryJo at Wollhaus, Pasadena
Yes, Patti, I saw the CRAVE yarn. It is beyond gorgeous!!
Crave Yarn at Wollhaus
We were beginning to get hungry, so our next stop was Fish King in Glendale. This is a fish market with a lunch counter and a new sushi counter and dining area! We had the most delicious lunch! I had a fish taco and a cup of their lobster bisque...DIVINE!

Diane's Fish 'n Chips

MaryJo and Brenda

Ellen and Diane
Next stop, Burbank and the newish shop, SoCal Knits. We met up with Stephanie in Burbank. This is a lovely shop with tons of knit and crochet samples!
SoCal Knits, Burbank

We caravanned over to Valley Village, Studio City for our last stop, The Altered Stitch and Yarnover Truck.
"Watts Up" Yarn Company, hand-dyed in Los Angeles At The Altered Stitch

Colorful Doily at The Altered Stitch, Valley Village
The Yarnover Truck was conveniently parked right outside The Altered Stitch. They always have interesting and unique yarn!
Stephanie, Brenda and Barbara on the Yarnover Truck

This is where Brenda, Diane and I said goodbye to our caravan friends, MaryJo and Stephanie and headed back over the hill toward home.  It was a great day with great friends and fabulous yarn!


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Thursday and Friday I'll be participating in the L.A. County Yarn Crawl. This is always fun! I'm with my yarny peeps and we're traveling our beautiful City of Los Angeles to visit independently owned yarn shops! At each shop we receive a shop pin, a free crochet and/or knit pattern, enter to win store prizes and get special discounts. Each shop usually features a different yarn or technique, maybe a trunk show and fab accessories. Sometimes there are snacks.
We'll be traveling in the Crochet Car on Thursday, equipped with provisions, tunes and crocheted headrest covers.
The Crochet Car at Valley College

On Friday, we have even more yarnys traveling with us, so we'll switch out cars with Mr. Larry for added elbow room.
The last thing I need is more yarn. I do believe I'll concentrate on patterns and accessories this year. We have our routes planned for both days. Thursday, with my WeHo SnB friends (Brenda C., Diane, Stephanie and MaryJo) we'll be at The Little Knittery in Los Feliz, Wollhaus in Pasadena, SoCal Knits in Burbank, winding up (heh heh) at The Altered Stitch in Studio City.

On Friday, I'll be crawling with my West Adams SnB friends (Dommy, Jennifer, Mary and Francesca) to Needlepoints West in Westchester, The Knitting Tree in Inglewood, Jennifer Knits South Bay in Torrance and Twist in Manhattan Beach.
Of course, we have plans for lunch both days. This is my favorite part of the Crawl because we get to re-group, talk about the yarn we've seen and anticipate the yarn to come. Yes, I'm obsessed with yarn!
Kent Twitchell's "Freeway Lady" Mural at Valley College

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Saturday Night at the Deli

Larry and I usually go out to dinner on Saturday nights. Sometimes, we have dinner dates with friends. More often than not, it's just the two of us, exploring the culinary excitement of Los Angeles. We both enjoy the classics though, so this past Saturday, we just felt like having a cup of soup and splitting a delicious pastrami sandwich!
Luckily, we live in the Fairfax Delta and quite close to the Kosher Korridor! Since it wasn't  sundown yet, we ventured over to Canter's Deli, a Kosher-STYLE restaurant that has been serving delicious food in Los Angeles since 1931.
Mural in Canter's parking lot depicting Jewish life in Los Angeles, by Art Mortimer, 1985

The Canter Brothers opened a deli in Boyle Heights in 1931. At the time, Boyle Heights was the center of Jewish life. After World War 2, the Jewish community started to move westward in Los Angeles. In 1948, Canter's opened on Fairfax Avenue. In 1953, they moved to the old Empire Theater, also on Fairfax. The Empire showed Yiddish language movies. Later, in the 1960's the lounge or Kibbitz Room was added to the complex. It is a sprawling place.
It's always a sunny autumn day in the main room at Canter's. This illuminated dropped ceiling was added in the 1970s
It was mildly busy at Canter's at 6pm on Saturday night. We were seated next to the main room. This 1950's style dining room is my favorite. I love the light fixtures, the terrazzo floor and the spacious feeling of the room. Also, if you're there late, you can hear the band in the Kibbitz Room slightly.
The Second Dining Area at Canter's

Larry and I discussed what to order. The menu is vast. We thought we should order something different than our usual, but being creatures of habit, we each had a cup of barley-bean soup and split a pastrami sandwich on rye.

Those crunchy pickles are the best!

We walked back to the parking lot around 7 pm and saw Rhonda and Eric! They were meeting Brooke and Deyo for dinner! We just missed seeing Brooke and Deyo, but at least they got our parking spot! Hey kids! Let us know the next time you want to eat at Canter's on a Saturday night. We'll coordinate.
Ellen and Larry ran into Rhonda and Eric! We just missed Brooke and Deyo

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Thursday, April 12, 2018


"Target" by Jasper Johns, 1958

I drive all over Los Angeles, especially from my home in Mid-City to my office in Santa Monica. The Broad Museum in downtown L.A. has banners all over town advertising the Jasper Johns exhibit. The image on the banners is Johns' famous target or bullseye. He painted this several times in different colors and textures.
I've read that Johns's use of this image was to challenge the art world to look out and to look inside themselves. There are MANY interpretations of the target or bullseye in art. It really has become a symbol of post-war advertising.
I see every symbol in terms of yarn. I have crocheted many circular, target-like potholders, washcloths, afghan squares, etc. 
Ellen's Circular Crochet

So, as I drive around Los Angeles and see these Jasper Johns banners, all I can think about is the Circle in a Square crochet pattern! 
Ellen's Jasper Johns Crochet Square
Yes, this square is hypnotizing! I am now practicing mind control to guide you toward the yarn. In fact, you can experience all sorts of wonderful yarn during the L.A. Country Yarn Crawl, coming up April 19-22. See you and my fellow devotees at the LYS.

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Ocean Park Fiber Artists

I do love my Saturday afternoon yarny group in Santa Monica. We call ourselves the Ocean Park Fiber Artists. We meet at The Coffee Bean on Ocean Park Boulevard and 31st. Street in the Santa Monica Business Park. This business park, built in 1978, was the former site of Douglas Aircraft. The Aircraft plant was next to Santa Monica's little airport, Clover Field, which still operates to this day. There are plans to close Clover Field in the near future. At one time, especially during World War II, Douglas was the largest employer in the City of Santa Monica. Many of the little bungalows and houses in the area were built for aircraft factory workers.
The Coffee Bean, Ocean Park, Santa Monica
We had a nice yarny group this past Saturday. I took a few photos of everyone's work in progress.
Ellen's cotton springtime scarf
Marge's Hogwarts Scarf
Sherry's red, lacy shawlette
Barbara and the early stages of a poncho in Freia Ombré yarn
The sleeve for Lee's modular jacket
Lisa brought this FANTASTIC music stand case for me. She's been sewing a lot lately! Thank you, Lisa!
Sherry crocheted the body of this Belle Epoque shawl and I crocheted the border
There were many members absent on Saturday, but it is Spring vacation. I always look forward to hangin' with my Santa Monica peeps! Thanks for a fun afternoon.

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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Family Dinner

Amie, Ryan, Meredith, Ellen, Jo, Tom

We had a small family dinner for my East Coast cousins last night. Tom, along with his wife, Ryan and one of their daughters, Meredith joined me, Larry and L.A. cousins, Jo and Amie. After all of the cooking I did for Passover and Easter, I decided to keep it simple. Jo brought a Caesar salad, Amie brought a yummy flourless Windmill cake and fresh strawberries for dessert and Tom and Ryan brought the wine. I made a delicious White Lightening Chili, along with guacamole and other toppings. My nod to Passover was to offer unleavened corn chips to go with the dinner!
Amie, Meredith and Tom

Tom's Mother, Masha and my Dad, George were first cousins. Tom's grandparents, Reta and Morris lived in Los Angeles during most of my youth, so I heard endless stories from the proud grandparents about Tommy and Mitch! I have yet to meet up with Mitch and his wife, Patti, even though they own a YARN SHOP and attend many knitting conventions around the country. I've promised myself that Larry and I will attend Stitches West in Santa Clara next year so that I can meet the adult Mitch!

White Lightening Chili

Caesar Salad

Ryan and Meredith
Tom and Larry
Jo and Tom

Dessert - Macaroons, Windmill Cake
Cousin Jo grew up in Chicago and had some great stories about the early days of the family. Amie and I filled in the blanks about their years in Los Angeles. It's always fun hearing the same stories from different viewpoints.
Tom, Ryan and Meredith are in the Palm Springs area now for a wedding. They are taking side trips to Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms.  I can't wait to see their photos! Safe travels, sweet cousins!

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